Unable to install apps

I installed it on a VPS and any time I try and install a software it fails to download the files say “Unable to fetch sources files”. Even when I try to use a direct download (ie: https://github.com/Kloadut/owncloud_ynh[1] ) it tells me “Invalid app manifest”

Some notes: I am running it in a VPS. The VPS is a OpenVZ container running Debian 7. It is hosted through a proxmox host that I have. If the specs are needed of that I can pull them yp.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I’m really sorry for necro posting, but I’d really like the help. Thanks.

I have a similar issue with trying to install the VPN app from github.

This is the link that I use to install the application:

I get this message:
“No manifest.json file”

Anyone has any ideas? Am I using the a wrong link?


I have the same issue. Has anyone found a solution? I am installing mine on Debian 7 as well.

Sorry for bumping this very old topic, but I’ve experienced a similar problem.

If it can help anyone, in my case, the cause was that I was blocking the Javascript code from the raw.githubusercontent.com URL (with the NoScript addon). If you don’t have a Javascript blocker, check if another extension is blocking 3rd party request (like uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus).