Unable to boot latest AMD64 Image

I have encountered a strange issue where the latest stable AMD64 Yunohost image is not detected as a bootable drive when I attempt to run from a USB flash drive.

Im aware that these issues are typically related to secure boot or UEFI however every other USB image I attempt to boot is immediately detected without any issues which Is why I am confused.

I saw that the wiki mentioned something about the download links being broken on that page so I followed the link to the Yunohost builds page and downloaded the following image & flashed to USB using Balena Etcher.


My system is a Dell Optiplex 3080M which has a 9/10th gen i5 so Im sure the AMD64 image is correct for me.

The system is not blank however, I flashed a fresh copy of Ubuntu Server LTS the previous day, which I also flashed using a USB flash drive without any issues booting. I have never encountered any previous issues booting via USB so I was curious as to what could be causing this issue with the Yunohost image.

I have attempted to flash again with a completely different flash drive with no luck sadly.

Any help is hugely appreciated, thank you.

Hi, as my proposal would be as you already have tried.

Maybe try to format the flash drive and then flash? Try another one? Have you verified the checksum of YH-iso so its not corrupted?

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Otherwise you can use the Debian 11 amd64 iso and then

  • Make sure you are root (or type sudo -i to become root)
  • Run the following command:
curl https://install.yunohost.org | bash

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