Two lxc yunohosts instances behind the same routeur

hey !

I have a yunhost instance in a lxc container. My hardware is at home behind a livebox. I have a reverse proxy to re-root the traffic between the different containers.

I want ton install a second instance of yunhost in another lxc container in the same hardware.

To do that, I clone the actual yunohost container, I change the main domain and I had a new conf file to my reverse proxy to access the new yunohost container.

When I try to acces the new yunohost containeur with the main URL, I’m redirected to the admin interfaces (yunohost/admin/#/login), and I can’t access the apps. I have the same result when I shut down the first yunohost instance.

I don’t understand this behavior. Somebody knows what append ?

thx :slight_smile:

Avez-vous 2 noms de domaine différents, ou bien les 2 proviennent-ils de,, ?

I have two different domain names.

It worked when reinstalling yunohost instead of cloning it

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