Tutorial doesn't work

hi! and happy new year
I’m just discovering Y U NO host
looks amazing for a newbie like myself

A first message to let the admin team know that the robotic tutorial didn’t work for me:
it asks to clic 3 dots and add a bookmark, but there are no 3 dots available to clic, only the bookmark icon down the page … so I didn’t get my gift !!! ^^

as I’m here writing my first post, saying hi to every one
i’d like to say I’m trying to offer online services to french artists and NGO

and I was wondering, what is behind the scene of YUNOhost? is it docker or else?
that’s what I’d like to know …

take care
thanks for this incredible system, I’m going to read a bit more about it before trying to install on a VPS, then maybe, on a private machine at home … :crossed_fingers:

I have no idea what… oh you are writing about the forum’s automated tutorial. Please share a screenshot of the situation.

Cf. What is YunoHost? | Yunohost Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions | Yunohost Documentation

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thanks @tituspijean for your response
I guess I was in the demo, in the howto packaging new apps …

Since, I’ve installed YNH on a new VPS, and I’m exploring it.
I’m quite impressed :+1: