Turn on Yunohost

Hey. I turned off Yunohosts via the web interface. How can I enable it?

It seems that your post lacks many informations about your configuration.
There is a template to fill in when you create a new post.
Please give us more informations about your server in order to help you.

I see yunohost tools shutdown on the command line to shutdown the server. How to turn it on?

yunohost tools versions :

          repo: stable
          repo: stable
          version: 4.0.4
          repo: stable
          version: 4.0.3
          repo: stable
          version: 4.0.5

Sorry to bother you, I found a solution

The only way to turn it on is to use wake on lan. Or maybe your server provide Idrac or ilo feature?
Yunohost itself doesn’t provide tools to start up your server.

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