Trouble with Nextcloud on YunoHost11.1.15

Trouble with Nextcloud on YunoHost11.1.15

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3v2
YunoHost version: YunoHost 11.1.15
I have access to my server : with all way …
I’ve just install a the newest version(format all the SD Card) and try re install Nextcloud(got an older version corrupt by installing firefoxSync)
i’ve got rasperry Pi3v2 with host on my own website on Gandi

i’ve just had time to make correct redirection and make a let’s encrypt certificate

i’ve try install nextcloud and it fail the first time with “admin account legacy”, the second time with another account created and that have admin right

Installation got failed twice

share you the logs right here

N.B. : my native langage is french, if you wanna answer on it could be ok or else could answer in english too…

Thanks by advance for your help

This is the error:
Username is invalid because files already exist for this user
if there is nothing important in these files, try deleting /home/

Thanks you so much i’ve delete the folder and made my installation normally, thanks a lot and have a great day !!!

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