[Transmission] single download list for each user

Hello everyone

All the users on my YNH server who have access to the Transmission app sees everything on the app, all the downloads of everyone.
I am trying to find a way so the user only sees it’s own download list and files.
I am thinking of installing another Transmission app, like mydomain.com/transmission2.
I can’t install another Transmission app from the app installation webpage.
Would it be safe to install another Transmission app from the github link, or from the CLI, if possible? I prefer asking before breaking anything…


Well I guess that’s heavily related to how the transmission software works, there is just no concept of “per user” session with this software … I don’t think you can easily find a workaround for this. The reason that you can’t install multiple instance of transmission is also related to how the software works itself (it’s a debian package which can’t be installed multiple times).

I don’t think there’s any cool fix for this except develop or use a different torrent app that supports different users :confused:

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Ok thanks for the feedback.


I may have find a way to install another torrent application, https://github.com/e-alfred/ocdownloader, a Nextcloud application. But this app needs Aira2 to work (https://github.com/e-alfred/ocdownloader#aria2-installation).

Is it safe to install Aria2 without breaking anything on the YNH server ? I’ve no idea.
Would be wonderful.
Thanks for the feedback!