Translations of the Packages

I’ve tried this morning to translate several Packages… ok, into French and into German.
But I had the idea of making a list of Packages to translate per languages. In fact the language is too long for most of the languages. :wink: (Portuguese, Spanish, …). The packages are translated only into English and/or into French. But if I were German or Spanish man and I didn’t understand English or French… PROBLEM !
So I begin : (the goal of this list to find new translators and to answer questions like "what can I translate ? All Packages are translated into French or English. ") Translating is not difficult : you take 10 minutes, you do a pull request on Github and it’s finished.

English : Already translated into English.

French : Every apps seems to be translated into French.

Spanish : Only one is translated into Spanish : GNU Social

German : only few apps are already translated into German.

Portuguese : You can translate every Packages into Portuguese.

Dutch : You can translate every Packages into Dutch.

Italian : You can translate every Packages into Italian.

  • Where can I translate ?
    In manifest.json you see line(s) like " “en”: “…” ". Here you add your language on the next line :
    for example : for German, I add " “de”: “Hier ist meine übersetzung”, "

  • Must I create a github account ?
    Yes. You can perhaps send your translations to the owner of the Package if you know his/her email address too.

  • Be aware that if you translate something and do a pull request, you MUST be sure that your translation is fine, because the owner of the Package doesn’t know if your translation is fine or not. If you are not sure : When you do your pull request, add in the description : “NEED TO BE VERIFIED” or something like that.

If you know another languages which is not in the list, Translate. The goal of this topic is to give ideas how to contribute to Yunohost.


And sorry for my bad English. Answer the topic, if you have a question.

PS : For Information :
English --> en
French --> fr
German --> de
Portuguese --> pt
Spanish --> es
Italian --> it


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Hi @frju365!

I think we had the same idea: translating application’s description and sentences. This content is stored in a “manifest” file.
Congratulation for the work you did to measure the actual progress!

In a thread about internalization and translation improvement wishes, I also suggested this content to be translated: What internationalization and translation subjects?

Luckily, @Bram from the dev team already found a way to consolidate manifest so we can translate directly using weblate.
It should come in the coming weeks/month! Please have a look from times to times at the pull request to know about this development progress.
Anyway, I’ll publish a news about it once done!

In the meanwhile, if anyone wish to go contribute by sending changes to application manifest files, it’s no problem!