This e-mail address is reserved for the admins group

Hello, I installed Yunohost on a remote VPS
During installation I create Username webadmin
ran the post installation everything is fine.
login to the panel., try to add mail aliase user I get the following error
This e-mail address is reserved for the admins group
I don’t understand why, webadmin is in the users admin
Groups and permissions, is the only user. and the username I use to connect via SSH to the server.

I believe that the admin group has already a list of alias, including (not exhaustively) and no need to add it manually.
I’m not sure it’s possible to remove those alias from the webadmin. Maybe possible with the CLI (groups: add mail-aliases management by alexAubin · Pull Request #1539 · YunoHost/yunohost · GitHub). I’ve not tested it though.

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Thanks for the reply!

In YunoHost 11.1.13 (stable). you have to login to the user panel as admin and add those Mail alias there. that’s how I was enable to do it.

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