Theme and yunohost look-like

There are several projects like for example that use a more appealing GUI for final users… That’s something not impossible, it’s just a different envelope for the same API, I just give an example of a different GUI, there are several others like UCS, freedombox, umbrel, blah blah blah.

I do agree that yunohost gui is the faster approach, but in case to develop something similar to other alternatives out there, Which GUI you like more?

I am not sure to understand the question, but I’ll still post a link to the theming documentation : Customize the appearance of the user portal | Yunohost Documentation


Not exactly what I had in mind. More a re-do from scracht… more how it’s this interface done, to create a different one using the same api…

Likewise a new front-end to the same API. Or at least document the API, to allow third parties to create different front-ends for yunohost, not just theming…

Have you looked here → Administration from the API or an external application | Yunohost Documentation with the help of yunohost/actionsmap.yml at dev · YunoHost/yunohost · GitHub ?

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