[Syncthing] Always On?

Is there a way to keep the Syncthing app always running? I don’t want to have to start the web interface to get it to retrieve fresh files, I just want it to run constantly so that it’s always capturing whatever is on other linked devices that happen to be active.

Yes this is possible on which plattform are you?

Raspberry pi 3

Oh - I got you somehow wrong, what is not always running? The Syncthing instance on your raspberry → thats not intended behavior

or do you mean your client.

→ go through all your settings and check if you turned something off or you have some confitions defined for syncing some folders.

On the client side you need to make syncthing run as system service (default for windows). Just llok at the documentation at synchting for your client OS.

In addition:
If you think it is the server side - what is not running, how did you identify that it is the server and not the client?

The Raspberry Pi is always on and running and the server is always accessible. I want Syncthing to be checking for updates and downloading files from linked machines even when I’m not logged into the web interface. I just want Syncthing always running is what I mean.

Ok I misunderstood you in the first place. Usually this should be the case, so my question was, why do you think it does not?

I don’t know for sure that it does not, I just also don’t know how to confirm that it does.

Two ideas:
Try checking the logs to see if the upload of a file is logged. Then you can check the timestamp.

Upload a large file and wait some time to make sure it was really uploaded. Then check the web interface. If the file is already there, it has been uploaded in the background.