Support for external email address alias

I use Yunohost to host my emails. But as I’m not fully confident in the hosting (mostly power problem when far from home) I prefer the following:

  • the emails are received by my DNS provider and relayed to my FAI to be stored in its mailboxes
  • then, my own fetchmail retrieve emails and deliver locally
  • mail sent locally are relayed to the SMTP of my provider

Such configuration has limit: when local users send mail to other local user but using the external email, the mail is sent to the external SMTP, then retrieved from fetchmail and finally postfix refuses them as their sender is a local user while email comes from external…

To fix this, I think one solution is to add mail aliases. Doing this, postfix is able to immediatly deliver locally all the mails.

But Yunohost refuses to let us add a mail alias using a domain not managed by itself.

:question: Why? :question:

Is it possible to let force this control (-f flag)?

Cf. previous discussions:

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