Success Story, YH is not only amazingly easy, it makes things blazing-fast as well!

Hi everybody, especially all YH developers and all the guys which helped me out trough pain and disperse.

You guys did maybe not know what you helped me to achieve! Let me tell you a little story.

I started developing websites ever since I was 12 years old. I’ve started with good old front page 2000!
And built myself a website to offer computer repairs for 10 euro an hour at the client’s location!

But since that time I had a dream, to make a big megastore and sell all kinds of IT related products for a fair price.

So I started to test with CMS solutions and went to WP because it’s simply (with some custom tweaks and a more user-friendly interface and security build in) the best and most documented.

And I started to make my store, only thing I was relying on 3rd party hosting providers which are good in their own way, but expensive and even more when the site became huge. Not even to begin about the slowness of their shared web servers. But now you might think, why not a VPS? Uh, did you find money tree?

So now a jump to a few years back from now. I started to experiment with Debian web server stuff and found out YunoHost, I’ve put it on a blade server and WOOOOOH, finally now I can have a HUGE Website or websites and let them be fast as hack! And although I sometimes thought that I lost it all and things got a little confusing some of you guys always stood behind my back even though I was not very nice at sometimes. Sorry for that behavior, and a huge thanks to all of you.

NOT AN AD so I removed every brand mark or domain.


When YunoHost delivers, it delivers FAST!