Success, reboot, nothing on the network


I’m working on a QNAP-410 headless server which is a pain in the ass to configure to debian, but doable : got a jessie up and running with a few services (nfs share, bitorrent server, irc, mumble…)

And yeah finally, why not install yunnohost(v2) ? Installation goes neat. Evrything seem to works. Great.

I reboot.

Then everything I used on the server seemed down. Maybe it changed IP ? I did a nmap on the entire network (nmap 192.168.1.*), the server isn’t there anymore.

I’l gone checking physically the server : HDD makes noises, lights as if it was running… But the ethernet port wasn’t doing light. I repluged it. Nothing.
I used the second ethernet port on the QNAP and yay, lights.

Still nothing poping up in nmap.

I force a reboot.

Still nothing.

Can I save something from there or do I reinstall everything and renonce to yunohost on the QNAP ? I personnaly think the issue is coming from one step in the install about “kernel update” ; the QNAP on debian is using a custom thing, and it may have broken it. But I don’t know how to confirm or infirm this feeling. I don’t see how I could check :frowning:

Attendre deux heures, revenir, et constater que le port ethernet d’origine re-fonctionne et que je détecte l’IP du serveur.

Amh… Soit y a un service qui a pris une eternité à démarrer, soit j’ai un problème technique quelque part. Je vais investiguer.

Quoiqu’il en soit… Problème “résolu”, pour l’instant, je crois.

EDIT : oyez ;
# systemd-analyze critical-chain @2min 19.228s
└─ @2min 19.224s
└─amavisd-snmp-subagent.service @2min 19.010s +193ms
└─amavis-mc.service @2min 18.764s +223ms
└─amavis.service @29.209s +1min 49.508s
└─ @28.084s
└─ @28.079s
└─acpid.path @28.078s
└─ @28.043s
└─nfs-common.service @27.276s +759ms
└─ @27.265s
└─rpcbind.service @26.924s +334ms
└─ @26.904s
└─ @26.897s
└─ifup@eth0.service @26.891s
└─networking.service @10.960s +15.916s
└─ @10.927s
└─proc-fs-nfsd.mount @41.549s
└─ @8.227s
└─systemd-remount-fs.service @8.081s +104ms
└─keyboard-setup.service @2.752s +5.263s
└─systemd-udevd.service @2.662s +63ms
└─systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service @2.069s +412ms
└─kmod-static-nodes.service @1.924s +132ms
└─system.slice @1.875s
└─-.slice @1.868s

Si vous voyez une anomalie… (Startup finished in 17.527s (kernel) + 2min 19.478s (userspace) = 2min 37.006s)

C’est certes super long (d’ailleurs si vous voyez pourquoi sinon que la machine est un peu une moule), mais ça explique pas mon souci. J’verrais avec le temps.