Strut and Laverna lost content

I have installed Strut and Laverna and I have started using them by creating one document in each. I have added content to both documents then closed the applications. Right after that I have opened them again and found my documents. Everything was working as expected.
Then the next day I opened both applications and found them as they were right after a fresh install, without my documents.

Did it happen to anyone else? Can anyone confirm it works for them?

When I do yunohost -v I get:

moulinette-yunohost: 2.2.3
yunohost-admin: 2.2.1


Laverna is what is called an “Unhosted” software (I think Strut is unhosted as well). This means that the documents you create in them are stored in your browser only (not on the server).
As a result, if you clear your browser storage, use private browsing or browse from a different computer, you won’t see the files anymore…

With Laverna, the files can still be stored using a “remoteStorage” but I don’t think there is a YunoHost app for that at the moment?

This is why I use TagSpaces instead of Laverna:
TagSpaces can access files stored on your OwnCloud instance (such as a tagspaces folder in your owncloud).

There is a new software called “Leanote” as well but it is not packaged in YunoHost yet and most of the documentation is in japanese which does not help…


Thanks a lot for the heads up on unhosted applications, I did not know that.

That makes them of limited use then. I will have a look at the remoteStorage option.


About Strut you can save your file on your pc. Use remoteStorage is possible too.