Strange things happening after 2.7.7


After I have updated to the latest version, I am seing my version number as [object Object].

Also, clicking on WordPress and another app doesn’t do anything. The other app works (Tiny Tiny RSS), but WordPress does not.

Is there a way I can do a “repair scan” or something like it?

Hello @antaeusdk,
I had exactly the same issues, and they just disappeared after a while (and maybe a reboot, I don’t remember).


Hey there,

maybe that’s one of those usual infamous “browser cache” thing :s … So maybe try to force the refresh of the cache (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+R on Firefox) or disable the cache (F12 > Network > tick “Disable Cache” at the top of the list of request)

Indeed, this is a caching issue because the mustache template for the footer/home (can’t remember) has changed but is still cached by the browser.

CTRL+Shift+R did the trick… what the… :smiley:
Thank you guys!