Standard notes or something similar

Hi all,

I’m searching a quit got reliable Note-taking and Task App. In the past I used Joplin which is great, but it can’t handle sharing in a got and easy way.

So I’m searching for a Application with Backend support for sharing.

It’s quit frustrating in my opinion because there are so many apps but all lack some key fratures.

I came across Standard Notes and would like to know if there is a chance that this becomes a yunohost app.

Alternatively there is a Docker for Standard- notes: how difficult is is to get started with docker and the redirect-app?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day

I have absolutely no idea about app packaging, but there are a few note app in NextCloud that you can try.
I use Carnet and it is quite nice.

Hi thanks for the suggestion.
I tried Carnet already but it supports only one tag per note and the UI is (in my opinion) not the best.

But true it is an already possible alternative.

Maybe cryptpad would be an alternative ?
Didn’t try though

Hi all,

I saw someone is working on a Standardnotes application