SSO vs Welcome page #WikiJs #subdomains

Not sure if it counts as “advanced”, but certainly I need some non-intuitive solution.

The #Wikijs case is my main domain, where I wanted to place a multilingual “virtual reception/infopoint” built upon wikijs (default app for the domain). At the starting page I placed manually a link “Residents’ entrance”: YunoHost Portal

However, when I deployed it, Wikijs converted it to a locale-specific YunoHost Portal, resulting, of course, in 404 error.

The subdomain case

To solve this, I created a subdomain and made it main (sso) domain. Changing the link at the reception area, I obtained desired result. Or I thought so.

After logging out, when i tried to log in through sso, I got into a loop. The login form accepted my credentials, but immediately loped back to itself. Wrong credentials were handled the same way, with appropriate error code. Effectively, I was locked out, so I used CLI to remove wikijs in question (after backing it up) and reverted the main domain assignment. I can log in now, but still no reception area.

A hopeless case?

I like wikijs very much and I would like to keep it as the infopoint infrastructure, but I ran out of ideas. Perhaps someone can help me out? I am reluctant to dig into JS / CSS and custom theming, as I am not familiar with it.


I’m not sure I understand correctly, but can the redirect application solve the problem?

installed on the main domain, it redirects to a subdomain?

Thanks, I will try it.