SSO Question and SSL Question

Hi there,

I have two quick questions regarding the sso page and ssl certificates.

  1. Is it possible to add external links to the SSO page even if they aren’t protected by it? This way all the essential links I use will all be in one location.

  2. I currently have letsencrypt installed and secures all the applications webpages which is great. I have couchpotato,nzbget,sickrage installed which all have options to enable https and insert the file path to the ssl certificates. My question is - is it important to configure these options even if the webpage is already in https? And If so - is this possible with Letsencrypt even if the file format is .pem and the fields are looking for .key and .crt?

Thank you!

Yes you could do 1. Unfortunately, my “redirect” app only works with local redirections yet I believe (…
I don’t have time to make the changes now but I suppose you could just fork it, add an option in the manifest to indicate whether it is an external link or not (or auto-detect it) and then do a Nginx redirect instead of the prox pass

For 2 I don’t know sorry


Hi Scith,

I just tried using your redirect app without forking it to an external link (another server I have). It worked with no issues so that is excellent! Thanks for your help! No worries on #2 maybe someone else can shed some light on that.

Thanks again!