SSH and SFTP broken

Using the latest of everything.

Use to be able to root in as everything, but this no longer seems to work on a new install. Only Admin does, even if you add permissions to users, they still cant… only admin… nothing else.

This is causing more issues tho, as now anything I upload, it locked to admin, no apps can use the files etc. I cant remove, I cant upload in some bits, i change the permissions but now thats broken it as the app lost permissions or its stuck on admin.

I never had any of these issues of a local lan setup, this all seems to be VPS based… or Yunohost made changes recently that new installs are… well sorta broken and useless.

I cant upload files, so I cant use the apps for what they are for.

This support website will not allow me to post either under ‘English UK’. I have to also add English US.

Nope, we need actual versions (reasons, amongst many: we have v11.0 and v11.1 testing out there). Use the support template.

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If i was using testing… Id have said that wouldn’t I…

Debian 11
11.0.11 (stable).

Also we can’t help you if you just says that you « can’t do X ». We need you to explain what you mean by « you can’t », both exactly what you’re trying with details, and also the details of what happens when you try …

Literally just trying to use SSH and SFTP like I have for years with Yunohost… but new install, no users work, no root login works… just admin.

But admin causes permission errors on any uploads I create.

Not really sure how else to explain it.

We don’t know what you have “been doing for years”

Are you using SSH from a Linux terminal ? In what way exactly ? Are you doing ssh admin@your.domain.tld ? Or are you using root ? Or are you using the local IP ? The global IP ? Are you SSH-ing from Windows ? Maybe using PuTTY ?

You’re using SFTP : how ? Are you using Filezilla ? Are you using root ? admin ? Another user ?

And what error messages are you getting …

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