Special background upgrade explanation


I’ve launched an upgrade of my server through the commande line yunohost tools upgrade --system

as expected, it’s launching a minor upgrade of my yunohost, to get to (coming from

Though it’s telling me that upgrade is “special” and will be done in the background and that I shouldn’t do anything in the meantime, I don’t see any progress.
It’s been 3-4 hours and yunohost tools version still tells me I’m on

Is there a way to better understand what that “special background” upgrade does, it seems for me that it’s stuck, but I’m blind on the situation. I’m a bit lost at understanding what is going on. How is the upgrading happening ? Should I be worried ?


Hmf yeah we could improve the semantic on that part

Basically the “special” upgrade is the “self” upgrade - Yunohost upgrading itself.

It’s always a tricky situation in software when the software self-upgrade because you’re basically replacing the ladder you’re sitting on. In particular, during a self-upgrade, Yunohost will restart the yunohost api which is the software process used … to trigger/manage the upgrade process itself.

But basically this doesn’t help solving your problem. If the upgrade did not happen after 15ish minutes, it just means something didn’t work. Naively you can try to re-launch the upgrade

If it still doesn’t work, log in SSH and manually run apt dist-upgrade

I’ve relaunched the upgrade again through yunohost command line and got the same result.

Went through to using apt afterwards and that solved the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks !

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