Some issues with incorrect diagnoses or not?

My YunoHost server

Hardware: AMD64
YunoHost version: (stable).
I have access to my server : Yes.

Description of my issue

Yesterday, I relocated my server to a different location without encountering major problems. The network setup remains unchanged, except for an IP address change. I successfully updated the DNS records and completed the necessary steps with Spamhaus, ensuring that everything is now functioning smoothly.

However, during the diagnostic process, I noticed an issue indicating that none of my websites are accessible from external networks. It appears that another server might be intercepting traffic intended for ports 80 and 443.

The error

It looks like another machine (maybe your internet router) answered instead of your server.
1. The most common cause for this issue is that port 80 (and 443) are not correctly forwarded to your server.
2. On more complex setups: make sure that no firewall or reverse-proxy is interfering.

Fortunately, I have the advantage of having two separate internet connections, which allowed me to confirm that all websites are functioning properly as intended.

What seems to be the issue or what is happening here? I want to clarify that the port forwarding is working correctly, and the network setup remains the same, as I mentioned earlier.

@Mamie @Aleks sorry for the tag but, this bug is really frustrating with the SLL certs there are like a few 100 domains so, have to do a lot of manual work now and the diagnosis results are incorrect.

It used to work fine good, like perfect.

Oh BTW, there are NO intercepting servers.

And sure I can yunohost domain cert renew --no-checks but that’s dirty and improper :wink:

Maybe that’s the issue … There’s a limit around 30 ish domains such that YunoHost won’t diagnose that much domains because there’d be so many requests to make to take individual domains that it leads to various issues.


:uk:: But, please don’t misunderstand me, Aleks! I specifically mentioned that I have never encountered any similar issues before. Additionally, all underlying systems of Yunohost are designed to handle even more complicated setups. So, could you please provide me with the magic token to bypass this step, if there is one? Also, take a look at any of the websites. They are still running smoothly. I believe that my server is just experiencing some headaches from being moved so frequently. Poor thing.

:fr:: Mais, s’il te plaît, ne me comprends pas mal, Aleks ! J’ai spécifiquement mentionné que je n’ai jamais eu de problèmes similaires auparavant. De plus, tous les systèmes sous-jacents de Yunohost sont conçus pour gérer des configurations encore plus complexes. Pourrais-tu donc me donner le jeton magique pour passer cette étape, s’il en existe un ? Jette également un coup d’œil à l’un des sites web. Ils fonctionnent toujours à merveille. Je pense que mon serveur a simplement des maux de tête à force d’être déplacé si souvent. Pauvre chose.

Weeeell i have no idea why the issue happens therefore I have no magic fix to unlock this …

The fact that you have 100 domains is still fishy, though I would expect a different message if this was the issue … I’m not sure … But there’s definitely a constrain in the diagnosis server code on the max amount of domains to test (60) … Could be that it was working “before” because you didn’t have 60+ domains at that time …

Could also be that something is funky on your network, e.g. the website being reachable on HTTPS / port 443 but not on HTTP / port 80 … Could be something related to having two internet connections

If your issue is about certificate not being renewed automagically because you need --no-checks, you could also edit the cron job and add this option to the automatic renewal

Well, actually no. Like I told you everything is the same, same number of domains too. Only the external IP changed.

The second internet connection is independent, as in a complete different modem not connected to the same network at all. Like a mini data centre at the office. If I had the second connection in the WAN 2 port of my gateway and indeed had them tied together as load balancer or fail-over I would have used a VPN connection for the YH Server.

Cool as long as it works, but it’s still a dirty improper trick :wink: !

I reduced the total domains to 32ish, now things are showing back online in the logs. It’s just strange. However, I still see old folders and files of deleted domains, is there a way to let YH safely clean up this data?

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