[Solved] - My Web app Disappeared from apps list

What happen to myweb app?
i installed it two days ago, i just uninstalled cause i wanted to add mysql and now its gone?

its because the sso 11.1 update?

Gone from where? Apps generally disappear when you uninstall them… :sweat_smile:

not from my “installed” apps,

from the catalog…


never mind i found an alternative called my_capsule


I cant login with sftp,

not with my_capsule user nor with my own user “app administrator”
not matter what i am trying, i did uninstalled and reinstalled again nothing helps
i miss the my webapp, i didn’t had these problems,

there s anything i can do?


Status: Connecting to…
Status: Using username my_capsule.
Command: Pass: **********************
Error: Could not connect to server

how can i install back my_webapp there is any place? command? git address?

I successfully installed web_app with this page:

thanks anyway.

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