[SOLVED?] Framaforms and Drupal updates

Hardware: VPS bought online ( Contabo )
YunoHost version: (stable)
I have access to my server : Through SSH
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

like in here, i’m wondering if anyone know how to update Drupal for Framaforms?

i dont have Drupal on my server, but Framaforms seems to be running on it? and it ask for update which im not sure how to deliver?
should i just install Drupal or there’s a better solution?

(posting here instead of Support Apps because i can’t the required tag due to internal server error)

From what I understand, Yakforms comes with a modified version of Druppal. The only way to have the last version of Druppal Core, is then to have the last version of Yakforms. If you look at the release, you can see, for instance, that the last release update Drupal Core to 7.78. So you have to wait until v1.1 of Yakforms is available on YH, which is not so good regarding security issues…

but are Yakforms and Framaforms the same thing?

Yakforms is the new name of Framaforms. See Forget about Framaforms-the-software, make room for Yakforms! – Framablog

but on Yunohost we still have Framaforms only, right?
it’s because of the missing update that it hasn’t switched to Yakforms yet?

No it’s Yakforms 1.0.3 see framaforms_ynh/app.src at master · YunoHost-Apps/framaforms_ynh · GitHub

oh, but i can’t find it in the apps list, does it mean i have to install it as a custom app?

No it keeps the previous name in the list Framaforms. But currently the version packaged for YH is 1.0.3 and the last version with Druppal Core updated is 1.1


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