[Solved] Firefox Multi-Account Containers | Super pour ouvrir plusieurs comptes YNH


It is perhaps something you know but a friend gave me today this reference :slight_smile:
and I’m very excited to share it with you as it was a nightmare to open several YUNOHOST accounts at the same time (several browser, private navigation).

Firefox Multi-Account Containers:

When I was browsing on my web site, often it opened my SSO YNH in case of a mistake or if something went wrong.
Now it ok. I open a YNH account in a container, I can use another tab for navigating
And I can even open several accounts at the same time in several container-tab :slight_smile:

And you can identify each container-tab. See in blue in the url. :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening.
For me it is ok with this new extension.

Une extension multi-containers de Firefox, pour “isoler” vos comptes YNH de toutes navigations.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

Et on peut identifier chaque container-onlget.Voir en bleu dans l’url.

Bonne soirée,
pour moi c’est ok grâce à cette extension.

Sincerely | Amicalement, José

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Yes indeed, it is a nice extension !


Thank you for this feedback.

The next step would be to record this FireFox configuration (URL in its container)
(Note: if you save a containered link as a bookmark and you reopen it, it will be open in a normal tab)

Thank you for sharing if this kind of functionalities exists.

Thank you again for YNH

Cheers, José