[solved] 'Diagnostics' missing in 3.8, 'Services' registered all in red (solution: browser cache)

Hi all,

Thanks for the great update to 3.8 and Yunohost-community in general.

On some of the Yunohosts, the ‘Diagnostics’ item is missing in the menu after upgrading to 3.8, and all services on the ‘Services’ page are listed in red.

Other parts are in line with expectation for 3.8: app categories are available and everything is up to date.

I might have performed an action on those servers too soon, while the update was still running.

What should I troubleshoot, and how to make the diagnostics available?

Thanks in advance!

You should try to do CTRL + SHIFT + F5 on the webadmin page to reload all resources. It could be the template of the main page of the webadmin in cache of your browser

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That solved it, thanks!

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