[Solved] Diagnosis problem


just ran the diagnosis via the web UI.
And I have several error that indicates to contact the yunohost team
=> by example for email :
URL: https://diagnosis.yunohost.org/check-smtp
Status code: 502

With all those precious details, it will be easy to find the problem !
Or not…

1st, when you created the topic, there was a template to fill to give a minimum of information about your system. Without this, for most of the users here, your topic will just be ignored :frowning_face:

2nd, do the problem persists ? Here, it seems that diagnosis.yunohost.org server was not able to run a test. As this is not your server but the one used by ALL users for their diagnosis, maybe it was just a temporary error ?
(I just ran all diagnosis without any error, so if you still have it, it may be another problem entirely)

Hello Mamie,

thks for your answer.

  1. I don’t use the template, this time exceptionally, because I assume these problem doesn’t have to deal with my infra (you confirm that in the second point)

  2. I retry to run the diagnosis these morning.
    All is OK

Thanks …that was for sure a temporary error

Thks again

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