[solved] Change the agendav time zone


Events in the agendav get saves in Europe/Paris time zone, due to which when they are synchronized with my phone the time of the events are changed according to my time zone.

Eg. If I set a meeting at 9:30 am in Hong Kong in agendav. In my mobile after synchronize it show the meeting at 2:30 am. A -7 hours gap which is between Hong kong and Paris.

So I have to set the meeting to 2:30 am in agendav so that it shows me at 9:30 am in my mobile.

I have changed the yunohost server’s and baikal’s time zone,but I do not know how to change the time zone of agendav.

Is there a solution for that?


  1. Change the default time zone of the server to your time zone.
  2. Then change the time zone of the baikal to your time zone(by admin mode).
  3. Un-install the agendav.
  4. Reinstall the agendav.