[solved] Change of public server IP

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I face the following issue. The supplier of my vserver changed the public IP for all of their servers including mine. I have a nohost domain but I can’t access my server from the web anymore (neither via the nohost domain nor by using the IP address directly). I can access it via a VNC connection and I see in the terminal, that Yunohost is using the old IP, how can I change that? What can I do besides a re-install?

Many thanks to all of you!

Don’t reinstall.
You just need to change the old ip in /etc/network/interfaces by the new one. And restart the network (or the server)

Yunohost don’t manage the ethernet connexion. In general case, the ethernet connexion is configured correctly at the beginning before to install yunohost.

Note: if you have a nohost domain and you have dyndns activated, the DNS will be automatically updated after 3 minutes. If no, you should update dns with

yunohost dyndns update

Amazing, that did the trick. Thank you so much to everybody contributing to YNH and helping out, it’s a great community!

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