SOLVED - Can't access anymore after update. All yunohost services are UP

Hi everyone,

After an update of Nextcloud, I can’t access any of my services (email, nextcloud or even websites).

Everything is pingable and SSH works perfectly.
Service status show that everything is OK, even nginx.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

Can you tell us, what happens? Do you have a blank browser windows or is there an http error message?

For me it sounds, as if you were banned by fail2ban. If so, just wait a bit. This happens, if there are too many bad login attempts.

You can see this with:

more /var/log/fail2ban.log | grep -v INFO

You can get your own ip of your webbrowser here:

Please look, if one of your nextcloud clients has a bad password. If so, and if it attempts more than 3 times to connect, you get banned. Banned means, you can’t reach your server any longer on ip level. This is for security

I feel stupid. That was the reason.

Here is the command to help me/us

$ fail2ban-client set sshd unbanip YOURIP
$ fail2ban-client set recidive unbanip YOURIP

Thanks !

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