Sizing the Box / Someone uses or used Yunohost for a Association (+/-25users)?

Hi Yunohoster and Yunohostress;

I wonder if …

How many users do you have on your Yunohost ?

I plan to install Yunohost for an assos of 25 users
with around 13 official apps (DokuWiki, Jappix, Jirafeau, Kanboard, OpenSondage, OpenVPN, OwnCloud, RoundCube, Searx, Strut, Wallabag, WordPress and Zerobin)

Would you recommend it ?
Yes/No + concrete arguments are welcome.

Which size of machine would you recommend / How to calculate the needs ?
I’m talking more about sizing the CPU / MEM than the HD on Raid of course :wink:

Hail to the Project


We used Yunohost for an association with a droplet from digital ocean (the second category).

We used 5/ 6 apps and we were about 8 people on it (for an association with an hundred members)
It’s was ok but, after a while we decided to move to another plateform because I wasn’t able to provide a strong system with no downtime.
Even if it sounds nice, I would say that Yunohost feet the need.

Also, we also had an issue about sharing kanboard between users. We couldn’t share.

thanks for your share.
are you allowed to give us which platform provides you a 0 downtime safety ?
Because for me this kind of issue have not link with Yunohost but more at the infra design.

Yep, the 0 downtime doesn’t exist but I was the only one able to reboot the server, it was critical for us. None of the other were into learning basic administration (I mean learn basic command line instructions)

Moreover, Even if I can handle usual situations with a server, I don’t have the background of an adminsys and if something very wrong would have happened. Let’s say an update of an app that broke something. I’m not sure that I would be able to fix it by myself quickly.

We decided to move to the owncloud provided by framasoft.
That’s not a real solution but, for now, at least it works and I do not have to spend a lot of time analysing logs on the server.
So we lowered our ambitions, we just use the shared calendar / contact / files and we do more real meetings…

you might wanna give a look on
which is another great open source project like Yunohost but offer the hosting services.

I hope to be able to provide you an answer in September/October … I am setting up my business that sells YNH accounts (on a same server like you plan to do, or on dedicated servers).
Hopefully we’ll manage to do a stress test this summer.

At the moment, YNH seems to be quite CPU hungry. I was thinking os using something like 1Core/1GB RAM ratio. Few servers seem to meet this requirement, as most dedicated ones have large amounts of RAM yet few CPU power.
Correct me if I’m wrong…

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have more answers soon :slight_smile:

Also I don’t see why not. It is not recommended in the official documentation but the apps you selected should work just fine. Except for performances, YNH works the same way for 2 users or for 25, 50… I even think it is the best solution to combine these apps together rather than a home-made version requiring much stronger adminsys skills

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