Single or multiple file sharing, pgp keys

Is there a way to share a public pgp key the way https://domain/user.public.asc

It’s very convenient… Even could be added in the user profile … Any idea?

There’s no such feature … You could probably do something similar manually using

I’m not 100% sure that it would really be in the scope of YunoHost to provide such feature …

As we talk before, thanks again, is a solution to the problem without weird file editing. But I really do believe that pgpkeys “should be” in yunohost scope in the profile of the client.

First reason, promote to use email secure

Second reason enable, inexperienced user to achieve pgp in theirs email…

Remember that roundcube include the option to upload not only the public, also the private key to handle them transparent to the user, and help them to secure their email contents.

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