Signed and installed SSL not recognized

Greetings -

I have a fresh Yuno installed on Digital Ocean 1GB Debian x64.

The install went fine but when I followed the instructions here to install my SSL certificate and key from SSL2BUY, the certificate is not recognized.

Browsers are still seeing the OpenSSL certificate created by default.

Installed my signed SSL crt and key here:


But the /etc/SSL did not update and still has symlinks that point to /yunohost/ crt and key ( not /my-domain )


How can I tell Yuno to read my-domain.crt.pem - and- my-domain.key.pem?


Follow the steps in this page.

You have to run this command if you have intermediate certificate.
> cat ae_certs/ssl.crt ae_certs/intermediate_ca.pem | sudo tee crt.pem

And not to run this one.
> cat ae_certs/ssl.crt ae_certs/intermediate_ca.pem ae_certs/ca.pem | sudo tee crt.pem

Thanks kanhu - but the instructions are in French and after translation I am lost.

I have installed many SSL certs on my other servers, but I haven’t worked with ‘pem’ - so I am very confused.

These are the files I have:


The english page is here but it is far behind the French page in content. We need more English speakers contributing to this amazing project.

In my experience, the .pem extension is irrelevant. I generate a .crt file for the public certificate and a .key file for the private key counterpart, and I simply reference these files appropriately in the configuration files. Sometimes people instead use crt.pem and key.pem for these files, but either should work as long as the content of those files is correct. Your intermediate_CA.crt file can be appended to the cert.crt file to simplify things.

Consider reading this support article and this one.