SFTP Access to my server


I am trying to have full write access to my server, when I login with the admin user via SFTP I can’t modify anything.

Any ideas?

Avez-vous, plutôt, essayé avec SSH ?
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Have you tried SSH instead?
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Yes. SSH works fine.

But I want to be able to read/write with SFTP as well.

I my humble opinion, allowing SSH/SFTP with root/admin is not very secure (admin & root are probably the most used login attempted by hackers).

You shall only allow an unprivileged user to log in with SSH & SFTP (and using ssh keys btw).

Anyway, it is weird, you shall be able to upload/create/whatsoever in SFTP. Can you do it with an unprivileged account ? Do you get an error message while trying to read/write with your admin account ?

And, as usual, what is your setup ? Distant server ?

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A remote VPS server

This is what I get when I want to modify anything via the admin user

I can actually modify the webapp if I login in with the specific webapp credentials but I want to be able to change anything on my remote server via SFTP

I changed in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

PermitRootLogin no to yes

I know it is not recommended to allow root login, I need it for a short time period.


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