Server down everyday for around 30minutes at the same time everyday

I have this very odd situation, that my server at a certain time of the day goes down, sometimes a few services, sometimes all for around 30minutes. After that everything comes back to normal. It starts around 21.20 central european time. I have a good connection with fixed IP address and modem, router and server on a UPS.

Have you watched top or htop to see what server processes might be running? On mine if I do something that causes a high load, usually something that involves lots of disk I/O, the services seem to disappear until the task is completed.

Yes, no high load. But I can’t even SSH inside it during that. I check after and average low is very low like 0.15 and ram the same as usual. The strange thing is that for the last days maybe two weeks it has been happening, everyday same time.

Have you checked all the system logs under /var/log as well?

No, where inside it should I look at?
Just found that website: Tutorial: How check if your linux server has been hack. - Spiceworks

Did you get a chance to try those steps in that link?

It could also be something on another machine in your network.

If you are sshing in over WiFi there could even be something causing interference.

I tried those links…nothing strange so far. Yes I am sshing over WiFi.

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