Searxng questions

Does anyone know where the searxng logo is stored once installed so I can change it just to fit my theme.

Does anyone also know how to take your restore/backup link and use that as the default settings on your instance?


For the logo, it seems to me that it is in:


For the 2nd question, I admit I do not understand what you mean exactly.

oh sorry, for the second question…

I was trying to figure out how to setup the settings.yml or whatever to configure my instance to automatically use the configuration I want, but I apparently suck as I can’t seem to configure it right.

but if I load the instance and toggle my settings, it provides you with a a line code after the website which I guess auto re-configures to your setup in the browser. I was hoping there was an easier way to configure the defaults by uploading that config somehow if that makes more sense?