Seafile Installation Failure

Hey everyone, new yunohost user after using a dedicated nextcloud install for about a year as I found the system quite sluggish and burdensome to keep updated and maintenance. Loved the idea of a simplified environment for admining my families private cloud and app system, and the breadth of apps included in the environment is great. I am having one issue with installing seafile. Hopefully someone can help me interpret the issue and get it resolved. Thanks in advanced!

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Rock64
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin

Description of my issue

I am attempting to install seafile to my somewhat fresh yunohost server, as it will be the backbone of my file system for cloud storage. After looking through the github issues, there seems to be a somewhat known issue that it will not install, but I attempted to use the branch that was recommended and it still isn’t working. The uninstall also fails after the install failure. If anyone could help provide a path to installation, I would be extremely grateful! I believe this has something to do with an update on the seafile side that has broken certain links. Here is a link to the github issue that I was using to attempt a fix on the install: Installation failure · Issue #63 · YunoHost-Apps/seafile_ynh · GitHub
Here is my install and uninstall logs.
Failed Install:

Failed Removal:

Soooo after looking at it :

  • there are definitely a couple issues in the remove script, I pushed a few commits here and there (in the core) so that this doesn’t happen in the future but it’ll take some time to fully propagate
  • back to the install script : it sounds like the main issue is :
Can't create database 'ccnetdb'; database exists

which in fact may be due to a previous failed removal which didn’t remove that db … soooo what would be interesting would be to check the first actual install attempt which may contain the real initial error :s

I’m sorry, I’m still very new to this. When I check the oldest log, it only contains info on whether the install passed or failed and the version, but not the rest of the log like I found in the log file I included in the original post. What is the command I should use to post all of the verbatim info on the logs when making a share link?

Soooo… Any help on finding how to get all of the info out of the log files? I still have yet been able to install seafile on my yunohost setup.

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