Safe to disable avahi?

Hello! My hosting provider keeps forwarding me abuse messages from the German Federal Office for Information Security saying that my server is doing something bad related to mDNS / UDP port 5353. I blocked the port in the admin/firewall panel but I keep getting emails with this same message.

Using lsof, I believe avahi is the culprit. So i’m just wondering if it’s okay to disable it and if it will affect how Yunohost works. I’m a little bit of self hosting beginner and still need to learn how all the different sub-systems interact, so this might seem like a really dumb question.

Yes I think it’s safe to disable, AFAIK it’s only used for the “Bonjour protocol” (i.e. if you have a domain in yolo.local, machine on the same LAN can access yolo.local without DNS)

Alright thank you. I disabled it, and everything seems to be alright.