RWTXT (Go min. CSM) via Custom Webapp?


Not really a developer here, but a happy YunoHost user =] !

I don’t know if it characterizes an advanced usage, or if it is a trivial question, but I would like to know the following:

Is it possible to install an amazing rwtxt on an Custom Webapp instance on my YunoHost server? What I thought was to follow the installation instructions in the respective server folder via a ssh connection. Is it a possible approach?

(sorry if it is an obvious question I did some research, but I didn’t find anything on the web, or here on the forum)

Thanks you all!

A Custom Webapp would not be enough, since the app is served by a binary which needs to be built locally. The binary would serve the website on a internal port (hopefully it can be changed), and you would need to have a proxy to the port (with a Redirect app for example), but also a way to keep the binary running (with a service for example). It is doable, and should not interfere with YunoHost. :wink:

I packaged cowyo a long time ago, which is the base for rwtxt. I could have a look into it packaging this one, though there a technical decision to be made regarding how we handle its Go dependency in YunoHost. (Though I am a bit occupied nowadays, keep posted in the following weeks !)

Meanwhile I have added rwtxt to the wishlist :wink:

Thanks for the kind answer.

Since I became aware of YunoHost I have started to study programming, starting with Unix concepts and Linux systems administration, with the idea of decentralizing the network (fight the power!). But I’m still making baby steps with it.

I will definitely study your suggestion. Thank you! And I hope that soon I can contribute back to this community.

Greetings from Brazil. Stay safe!

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