Running Yunohost without domain - local use only

Hello everyone,
I’ve installed ynh on raspberry and added domain name raspberry.pi
I’ve installed Nextcloud app but I can’t access to this app.

According to I set DNS name on my box (Livebox) Folder DNS name in local network devices.
I can add name raspberrypi for IP but I can’t add domain name raspberry.pi

So when I try to access to App Nextcloud with https://raspberry.pi/nextcloud this address is unreachable…
And for https://raspberrypi/nextcloud I return to https://raspberrypi/yunohost/admin/#/

I don’t want to change hosts file on client workstation or I can’t change hosts file on Android phone (not rooted).
So, is there a tweak for running ynh without domain name ?
Thank you for the help

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Possibly you can try to set up a “whatever.local” domain and it may (or may not) work because .local domains are magically handled using the bonjour protocol

I don’t understand - well I don’t know the bonjour protocol - when I setup a software on my NAS I can usually enter the NAS_IP-Address/nextcloud to reach it. To stay with the example of the OP

If I have no Dyn-DNS setup, I simply want to reach the software from within my personal-network I cannot find an instruction in the documentation how to achieve that (command line is fine).

Can you give me some how-to or a link to one that fits for YH?

This will not work on YunoHost. It needs a domain.

What Aleks suggests is for you to define yunohost.local as your main domain, and use that on your network (it won’t work outside of it, anyways). But you won’t be able to create subdomains of it. (i.e. subdomain.yunohost.local)

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