Running server with two Lan connections?

I want my server to run on 2 lan’s, one connected to internet with my internet wifi modem and other lan without internet just for the local users to whom I don’t want to give internet access and only want to give access to the server on this lan. Is it possible? Can I do it with single wifi modem which have internet access?

hello, very good question …

its depends, if you can manage your router and you have 2 ethernet cards on your yunohost server and your router, maybe.

Hi @gannonwoto

I use YunoHost Hotspot app with PirateBox which runs on a Wifi usb dongle. Its great solution for my place for sharing. Can in someway this Wifi be used to share YunoHost server locally like PirateBox?

I did not think about this application.

I have no wireless access to my Pi for test, but in app’s doc you can see "Without internet access, it’s a PirateBox.
So for me it must work.