RPI4 does not start from SSD, no micro SD


Hello, I have one rpi4 running ynh only with a HDD via USB3 port and it works fine, I have another rpi4 and a SSD that I would like to do the same thing. However I can’t make it work from the SSD, I tried many online tutorials to make it boot from the SSD, and also flashing the “boot from USB” from the raspiberry imager. Flashing to the SSD allows me to have SSH access, but the system does not work very well, I can’t update and other commands give some error. The web interfance is never available, and the date is stucked on 6th december 2022. Booting from a micro SD with the ynh image works fine. Please help

Just tested with the USB2 port and it works, no idea why it does not on USB3…

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