Rpi 4 fresh install

Anyone as ever try to install YNH on RPI 4. Just received it and impossible to boot. Green led won’t blink / 2,4A power supply / just mount YNH.img with etcher on my Mac.

Otherwise, I’ve simply move my old YNH SD card on my RPI 3 into the new one and… nothing more. I don’t know if the RPI4 need absolutely a fresh install. I’m lost :slight_smile:

I know RPI4 need 3A power supply but I don’t know If It’s the main problem.

Raspberry Pi 4 need debian 10. Yunohost is not yet compatible with Debian 10.
Sorry, you’ll need to wait a few months.


…and I can’t install strech too? Only Buster are working on rpi4?

Apparently yes, that’s what everybody reports at least … Didn’t try myself

true :slight_smile: works fine with debian 10. Just testing.

So, when does Santa come? I was very very kind :santa:

c.f. https://github.com/YunoHost/issues/issues/1255

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We had the same issue - its in the docs, but not where you’ll see it. I submitted a PR to clarify it in one more place as it seems I wasn’t the only people who wasted far too much time trying to figure out why my RPI4 wouldn’t boot a freshly downloaded Yunohost image, assuming there was something wrong with the image or the RPI4, because I hadn’t noticed that https://yunohost.org/#/install_on_raspberry said 1,2 or 3, but didn’t say that it WONT work on RPI4.

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