Rootfs is very small and gets fills up quickly


My rootfs is very small , around 323 MB and it fills up very quickly. After it fills up 100% mysql stops working and yunohost gives 500 internal server error.

Installing some applications increase the size of rootfs (especially installing searx), other do not take any space from there.

The output of df -h is:

Can I delete some files in rootfs to free up space or change the installation path of the applications ?

Did you install YunoHost with the ISO? There were a problem of partitioning on that.

Hi Moul

Yes I installed it from yunohostv2-latest-i386 iso with the help of a pen drive.
What can I do to overcome this partitioning problem?

Maybe you can extend the size of your partition by switching off your server, plug its memory on your desktop computer and extend rootfs with GParted. That can cause damage, be careful. Or, you can reinstall YunoHost using the expert installation mode.

I tired to enlarge the partition with help of GParted, but I did not found any / or root mount. The rootfs partition shows a /boot mount in GParted.I created a large partition from resizing the /home and copied the content of rootfs to that partition and flagged that partition as /boot. I did not found any option to mount the new partition as / or root.
Due to this root do not mounts itself on new partition.

I tried to reinstall the yunohost in expert mode for manual partitioning but there is error message in starting of the expert mode and leads to quiting of the setup.

So the only option left was automated partitioning

I everyone;

This is how I resize live partition;
using fdisk and resize2fs

I found a good explanation here by Søren Løvborg

sometime it broke the grub
I just do a quick dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc

and voilà !