Roadiz on Yunohost, Unable to add standard-edition theme

I installed composer in my ~/ directory and proceeded to follow the instructions from Roadiz Github to install a standard-edition theme:
# Create a new Roadiz project on develop branch
composer create-project roadiz/standard-edition;
# Create a new theme for your project
cd standard-edition;
bin/roadiz themes:generate Elfalcon;
This works perfectly however when I go to the Construction/Themes and press add themes the option to add Elfalcon is not there. I went to Roadiz Gitter for assistance but they tested my issue there and it worked for them, so I am wondering if it may be a YunoHost issue. Thank you in advance.

You know, you can install the roadiz package from the yunohost repo… then, can you provide log or something(you did only these command or more ?) because I don’t use standart-edition in the community package. It’s not a Yunohost problem… the themes on roadiz have nothing to do with yunohost, but it can be a bad configuration of roadiz or a problem of permissions in the folder(s).

(btw. Roadiz Package Post: Paquet Roadiz, un CMS moderne polymorphique )

I have installed it from the yunohost repo! that is how I discovered roadiz :wink:
however you cannot edit the default themes without cloning the standard theme and installing it. I will look into it more so. the funny thing is that when I installed the theme there was zero errors.