REVEAL.js as a Yunohost app


Bonjour à toutes et tous,

Je serais intéressé par la possibilité de voir REVEAL.js appartenir au catalogue d’app de Yunohost.
Très noob en matière de fork/git/dev, je ne suis pas certain d’avoir le temps et la compétence pour développer le package moi-même.

Quelqu’un-e interessé-e pour le faire ? :slight_smile:

Merci beaucoup !

Hello everybody,

I’d be very interested to see REVEAL.js being an app in Yunohost catalog. I’m very noob regarding fork/git/dev, so I don’t think I might be able to package it all by myself. Anybody interested and able to do it?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Heyo! I see ( that there are two modes, the “basic” and “full”, which one do you need?

You can already achieve the “basic” mode by using the which allows you to upload an index.html and have it served as an application. If you need some help for that, please ask.

For the “full”, we indeed would need to package that as an app because it requires a nodejs local server to be proxied. Good idea to make this app! Hopefully we can get someone around to do it soon.

I think we could use the full mode as it seems to be the best way to get the full version working.

Yet, let’s try what the basic mode gives us. I’m going to (try to) install it as you mentionned (via the staticwebapp) and I’ll give my feedback here later.

But, yes, I definitely think this app would be a great great add to the Yuno list. :slight_smile:

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Note: The app strut_ynh allows to create reveal.js presentation.


Ok. Thank you, I didn’t know that.
I’ll check that as well!

Hey @ljf
I installed Strut yesterday evening and I’m using it since then.
It’s alrighr in terms or service but awful I’D wise.

I’ll try to install reveal.js as a static web app but I feel like it’s not an editor (like can be), but more a way to host already made presensations…

Yes reveal.js is just the tool to display this kind of presentation not to create it, that’s why i speak about strut, but may be there is other kind of tools to do that.

Note: if you like prezy presentation style, you can look for sozy (it’s a soft to install on a desktop to make this kind of presentation)

And here you have some tools to make reveal.js presentation,-Tools-and-Hardware#tools like

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