Resolv.conf / dbus system update


My YunoHost server

Hardware: Old laptop or computer
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : full access
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

DNS is working OK, but after today’s system update (incl. dbus 1.12.24-0+deb11u1, dbus-user-session 1.12.24-0+deb11u1 and libdbus-1-3 1.12.24-0+deb11u1)

there is a diagnosis warning:

[WARNING] DNS resolution seems to be working, but it looks like you’re using a custom /etc/resolv.conf.

  • The file /etc/resolv.conf should be a symlink to /etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf itself pointing to (dnsmasq). If you want to manually configure DNS resolvers, please edit /etc/resolv.dnsmasq.conf.

Looking into this, resolv.conf is pointing to the router (192.168.X.X)
and running

resolvectl status
Failed to get global data: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.resolve1.service not found.

As mentioned, DNS is working OK, so just reporting here in case.

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