[Request] Adding Drone package


I packaged Drone, the de-facto standard CI server when using Gogs.
The package installs and uses Docker (a requirement for installing Drone).

Feedback welcome!

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Very interesting, I will test it. Can you tell us more about the integration with gogs?

If you want to add it to the community package list take a look at this repo: https://github.com/yunohost/apps

Drone has built-in support for Gogs, and Gogs officially lists Drone as a supported service.

Once Drone is installed with a remote pointing to a Gogs server (through the Yunohost setup wizard), all you have to do it login to Drone with your Gogs username/password.

From there you have access to all your repos and can activate CI builds for each of them.

Thanks, this seems like a great use of Docker.
Do you mind if I reuse some of your code to refresh all my docker apps? (Dockerui, template, odoo, rstudio…)

Of course not, feel free to pick what you want from it :slight_smile: