Remotely access the router

I have installed a server for my friend at home, a computer behind a router. He has very little knowledge in computers.
I have ssh access to his server.
I need to open a port in his router remotely.
I tried to find a simple way to access the router interface without needing his intervention.
I tried a cli browser like links and lynx without success. I read it’s possible to install an lxd container supporting desktop using x2go, which is a bit complicated.
Do you know how I can get to the router interface from the server?

Try an SSH tunnel on your computer:

ssh user@remotehost -L localport:host_reachable_from_remote_host:remoteport

e.g. ssh -N admin@ -L 8111: with:

  • the public IP address if the remote server
  • the local address of the remote router
  • 80 the port to access the remote router web interface

Access it on your local browser at http://localhost:8111

Reference: macos - SSH tunnel to home network, and access router web interface - Super User


wooooow, that’s amazing !!!
That’s so straight and simple

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