Recommended way to install PostgreSQL for custom app?

Hi! I’m trying to install the Commento app manually, since it isn’t support as a YunoHost package yet. Is there a recommended way to set up a PostgreSQL database?

If I was using a MySQL database, I could have installed my_webapp which handles the database creation for me, but it looks like for PostgreSQL I would have to create it by hand. Alternatively, how much effort do you think it would take to make a new YunoHost app and package it myself?

(via Google Traduction):

Salut! J’essaie d’installer l’application Commento manuellement, car elle n’est pas encore prise en charge en tant que package YunoHost. Existe-t-il une méthode recommandée pour configurer une base de données PostgreSQL ?

Si j’utilisais une base de données MySQL, j’aurais pu installer my_webapp qui gère la création de la base de données pour moi, mais il semble que pour PostgreSQL, je devrais la créer à la main. Sinon, combien d’efforts pensez-vous qu’il faudrait pour créer une nouvelle application YunoHost et l’emballer moi-même ?

Commento is packaged for YunoHost : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/commento_ynh: Commento package for YunoHost

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Ohh I somehow missed that—thanks for the heads up! Commento wasn’t there earlier and I didn’t realise it had been added :sweat_smile:

My main question still holds though: is there a recommended way to set up a PostgreSQL database when no app is available? Would it help to create a special separate app for this purpose?